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Hemostatic tourniquets dnipro gen2
Order Dnipro tourniquets - we deliver from one item - protection of your life and your loved ones.
From the first day of the war, VK PROSTIR started implementing a strategy for emergency assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The availability of production potential, equipment and specialists allowed us to decide in a short time where exactly we can implement this idea.

It took two months to develop. Dozens of tests, more than thirty models of the Dnipro tourniquet led us to the first sample approved by the tourniquet testing center. We have provided over 1,000 training turnstiles free of charge to all willing paramedic training centers, facilities and tactical medical training associations.

Personal thanks to all experts who took an active part in the birth of a new domestic hemostatic tactical tourniquet - the DNIPRO tourniquet!

Together to victory ! Our victory!
Dnipro, st. Akademika Belelyubskyi, 68

The cost of the DNIPRO GEN 2 Tourniquet
the price starts at EXW UA 15 USD
Trial by fire and sword
This is what those who use our tourniquet, those who protect us at the cost of their lives, say about us. And our DNIPRO GEN 2 tourniquet protect them.
We are infinitely proud of such reviews
Maxim Kadigrob
A warrior, a real Cossack
I ordered the "Dnipro" tourniquet, I am satisfied with the quality. It is in no way inferior to foreign analogues)
Thank you!
Kyrylo Fomchenko
Positive assortativity determines many things, but not everything.
I will add my subjective assessment. I saw where they started, I see what they reached. Took part in testing with ultrasound control and during military training. My conclusion (personally) - when participating in hostilities and for the safety of civilians (missile attacks), I advise myself and family members to have it with me.
Sergey Elin
Defender of Ukraine
They sent us training tourniquets "DNIPRO" from PK Prostor LLC, Dnipro. Thank you friends, now the TRO unit and one of the police departments will have the opportunity to train in the application of the tourniquets.
Vladimir Penkov
Military vascular surgeon
I recommend tourniquets... They really work, and they really hold... Trust the military vascular surgeon... I removed more than a hundred of them from limbs...
Oleg Chistopoltsev
Combat medic
A few weeks ago, at the school for combat medics, I first saw and seriously used Dnipro Tourniquets. I really liked them. The participants of the training put them on dozens of times and none of them broke, they all worked well. It costs something like 500 hryvnias. I am glad that such important and high-quality items are made in our city.
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Tourniquet DNIPRO GEN 2 - protects life
Learn about the characteristics of the tourniquets, look at the certificates, read the instructions for use.
Characteristics of a hemostatic tourniquet
  • LENGTH 94 CM
  • WEIGHT 120 g

You can view photos of tourniquets here: Gallery

Certification in Ukraine and the European Union
Over the past six months, we have developed the product, tested it, moved to the next generation - improved the DNIPRO Tourniquet to the second generation and received all the necessary certificates of Ukraine and the European Union for it. We are confidently going to Europe.

You can read the documentation here: Certificates
How to use the DNIPRO 2 tourniquets
Pull the edge of the strap through the inside slot of the buckle, pulling the harness tight. Secure the band around the limb to the clip using double-sided Velcro. Twist the rod until the bleeding from the artery stops and the peripheral pulsation disappears.

Detailed information is indicated in the instructions: How to use
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It remains to press one button and a life is saved. Protect yourself, protect our soldiers.
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You can also call and close the Dnipro 2 tourniquets to transfer them to the front.
Dnipro, str. Akademika Belelyubskyi, 68
+38067 38 76 135
+38066 37 59 898

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